We wanted to know how a system like Linode's Longview monitor works - so we made our own.

What it does

The server daemon records load statistics at an interval into a local MongoDB to be picked up by the web client, which displays them graphically.

How We built it

We began using the source code for Linode's Longview as a guide, and implemented a simpler version that records CPU and memory in real time with minimal host impact.

Challenges We ran into

Learning systemd, Angular, and getting the client-server architecture working without being able to test locally.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

The realtime updating of data from the server is quite satisfying

What We learned

A lot of work goes into tools like this, and realtime is harder than it can seem.

What's next for ShortView

Collecting more data, application-specific data, and providing more granular/historical data retrieval.

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