I film movies every month. Shorts is what they call these videos under 5 minutes.

What it does

We are able to do two different things. 1: bring the characters in the film home and entertainment yourself via AR with very real Faces, and real body shapes of the movie characters. Rom-Coms, Dramas, Action Ave just a few cinematic AR experiences we intend to bring home. 2: analyzing the movie and have advertisements placed with the scene via words spoken by the charters of the shorts and earn a few dollars.

How I built it

With API’s and cloud-based services, unity and a special API in-house.

Challenges I ran into

Murphy law, we had started with Hololens but the market is not going to buy a $5,000 equipment for media and entertainment so we had to go neutral and start again with other platforms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a network of filmmakers that I can spread the word and get feedback and films to continue to build the project out past beta.

What I learned

AR and VR is an ongoing teaching program

What's next for Shorts n Mony

We are writing a few white and position papers and by a device and get accustomed to the manufacturing roadmap and launch an App on the store with the marketing program to build awareness.

Built With

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