The Mission

Shorts is a mobile web app where users can create shorts — small collections of pictures — and share them with small groups of people. With the use of the edit feature, users can add a more personal touch to the pictures they share.


The inevitable frustration of obtaining memorable photos form friends who captured the moments you failed to. At the same time, create an environment where those a part of that moment can seamlessly share the photos in a more intimate setting with those friends.

Target User

The more private individual who seeks a more a personal place for them and their friends to share and enjoy the moments that bring them together.

Key Features

  • Event specific albums
  • Edit photos using the Aviary API:

    • Add filters, text, stickers and more to photos
  • Share links to albums through texts using Twillio API

  • Texts include a collage image composed of current album photos

  • Store uploaded files to Astra API

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