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Most people are aware of URL shorteners like Bitly for shortening large unwieldy links to make them easier to share. While Atlassian's share feature provides a shorter link, it's still reaaally long.

Atlassian raw link [~96 characters]

Atlassian share link [~38 characters]

What it does

Creates short links for Confluence pages and Jira issues.

Shortlink [max 15 characters]


  • Links automatically created with fast and easy access.
  • Short and readable domain name: (think "team shortcut").
  • Bad words removed from auto-generated link ID.
  • Super fast 301 redirects using serverless computing at the edge.

How I built it

  • React and Atlaskit
  • Cloudflare Worker + Workers KV
  • Confluence content properties
  • Jira entity properties

Challenges I ran into

  • DNS is always a tricky one.
  • Implementing wildcard routing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Finding a short and readable domain name that was available (albeit expensive).
  • Determining the best number of characters to go with for the ID. I'm using [a-zA-Z0-9] with no dashes or underscores. With 6 characters you have 62^6 (~56 billion) unique addresses. But with 7 characters you have 62^7 (~3.5 trillion) unique addresses. Since the shortener is limiting URLs to the "*" hostname it's unlikely to ever hit 56 billion, but adding one more character dramatically increases the scalability. I assume this is why Bitly also uses 7 characters.

What I learned

  • This was my first Jira app so lots of learnings there. For starters I assumed there would be an equivalent getContentProperty() and setContentProperty() function for Jira. Turns out it's all through REST calls.

What's next for Shortlinks+ for Confluence & Jira

  • Deploy to the Atlassian marketplace.
  • Add simple analytics to show visits over time through the short link.

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