As interns in the Bay Area, we're always looking for things to do during the weekends - tourist attractions, University campuses, cool restaurants, parks, lakes, ponds, puddles... - and planning the trips are always such a hassle. We have to check how to get from one place to another, if we can even decide where to go next. So we thought, why not make something that'll help us do that?

How It Works

You want to visit all the popular tourist attractions (or all the hipster cafes known to less than 7% of the population) in an efficient route? Use our app to help you do just that!

Add locations you want to visit and how long you'd like to spend there, select a mode of transportation, click "Let's Go", and we'll generate an itinerary for you along with the route rendered visually in Google maps.

How We Built It

We used Flask for the backend and AngularJS for the frontend. We also used the Wolfram Language (which provides a TSP solution that's almost certainly more efficient than what we can hack up in 24 hours), as well as Google Map's apis for retrieving travel information and map visualization.

Challenges We Ran Into

Time waits for no one.

Accomplishments that We're Proud of

Our UI looks amazing, and that's a team effort ;)

What We Learned

APIs save lives.

What's Next

Cleaning up our code and adding more features like optimizing on cost, considering weather impacts, and providing near-by attraction suggestions.

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