Let us know if this sounds familiar...You’re developing a website. You’re doing your thing, and it feels pretty good. But then you get an email from the project manager or client you’re working with - a screenshot of the website. And below - comments. Lots of comments. Whether you're a developer being noted on a new bug, or a designer receiving comments on important changes, figuring it all out and going back and forth to your Monday project’s board, can get you tired, annoyed, and a bit frustrated.

As a Software & Marketing company that develops sites and mobile apps for clients, accuracy is crucial! That's why we believe in good and easy communication between all factors. If it’s the developer, designer, or customer, we believe that the work process should run smoothly, cutting back misunderstandings, loss of information, and a whole lot of hassle. With On-It. You can do all that and so much more, creating a new work experience that will bring it all together, to Monday.

What it does

On-It. is a Monday app that allows its users to view the website you are developing directly from your Monday board, and work right On-It. It allows you to:

  • Write comments on the website itself, comments that will automatically be added as an item and assigned to the designated person on the Monday project’s board.
  • Conduct top-notch communication between all factors - as the comment will be added as an item, a snip and all the relevant metadata will be automatically attached to it, preventing misunderstandings and wasted time.
  • Create one platform for all purposes, from opening the website to leaving comments and up to tracking all assignments, you don’t need to leave your Monday page.
  • Track all assignments later on without scrolling through old emails or working on complicated spreadsheets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were so proud we could view the developed website straight from and comment on it. There are tools that let you give feedback, but can you comment right on the website? straight from Monday project's board? Now that's just awesome!

What's next for On-It

Next, On-It. will collect and attach more metadata and be adjusted to more complicated tasks!

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