Locating items in a store takes a lot of time. An instore navigation system will save considerable amount of time for the customers. So we decided to implement an application that finds the optimal path given the shopping list.

What it does

The application gets the shopping list either through a text query or speech recognition and navigates user to the shortest path.

How I built it

We have implemented a web interface that is based on Javascript and Jquery. Also, we utilized chrome APIs to add speech recognition feature.

Challenges I ran into

The optimization algorithm was difficult to implement in first place. Moreover, designing the user interface is the time consuming part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 Figuring out the optimal path algorithm and achieving a solution to a problem that we face in everyday life.

What I learned

Javascript canvas
Google Chrome speech recognition
Dijkstra algorithm

What's next for Short Shopping Cycle

To build a phone application. Also, we are considering helping out visually impaired people through this application.

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