Many individuals do not know how to navigate this pandemic, and need more information in order to make educated decisions.

What it does:

Our website consolidates relevant information for healthy individuals, symptomatic individuals, and individuals who need to go see a doctor, in order to help people make educated decisions about their lives. Additionally, the website debunks common COVID-19 myths and provides links to additional reliable sources, as well as legal information which would pertain to individuals in each state.

How I built it:

Emily Qin and Payton Schubel used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and raphael to build this website. It consists of 5 HTML pages, one of which incorporates the JavaScript, and two stylesheets.

Challenges I ran into:

Our teammate Isabella Knox was out sick, and our limited experience with CSS and JavaScript specifically meant that working with those languages was very time consuming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We are proud of creating a finished product that looks semiprofessional within the time frame we were provided. In our opinions, it looks really cool, and would be a good resource to someone investigating COVID-19 as it applies to their own lives.

What I learned:

We learned how to work with someone remotely on a large project. We also learned a lot about how to implement all of the languages we used.

What's next for Short Circuited Coders -- HackDTech Website:

With more time, we would like to be able to make the legal database such that it is updating with the most recent information, likely through someone else's cloud-based database that we could reference when we needed it (though we couldn't find such a thing for this project). With more time, we would have also liked to figure out how to make the website more applicable to various screen sizes (specifically mobile) and would have liked to implement a feature to inform users of how to donate PPE to hospitals in the area (either as an informational page or a blog post where organizations can request specific PPE they'd like donated).

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