It's fairly easy to organize your work on Monday. What if it was that easy to create an e-commerce storefront?

The NoCode movement is gaining popularity. Shopy offers a nocode solution to power an e-commerce website using Monday as a database.

What it does

Shopy provides a Workspace template containing three boards: Products, Orders, Customers.

in Products, you will define all the products you want to sell on your store, their name, price, description and even images.

Once you have defined your products you can generate the store from the board view. Personalize it with your own name and own branding.

The generated store integrates with Stripe Checkout a secure solution to accept payment easily.

The money goes to your account directly! Shopy does not add any fee.

When people place orders, you will see them appear on the Orders board. Customers board contains the details of our customers linked to the orders.

How we built it

Using Next.js to power a fast static website hosted on Vercel. It consumes the GraphQL API to pull out the data. Uses Stripe Checkout to power the payment experience.

Challenges we ran into

Getting familiarize with Next.js and data flow

Could not find out in the limited time, how to properly deploy a store for each user. Right now it's hardcoded to mine only. Probably something to do with Vercel API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

Next.js, more React, Vercel

What's next for Shopy

Make it pretty :) A way to deploy on your own domain More personalization options (theme, banner, logo,...)


Thanks to my friends at Woolwag for letting me use their products and Bisou in my demo.

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