The vision

Make eCommerce as easy as having a social profile.

ShopWindow is an alternative platform for eCommerce. An online store means a significant upfront investment (time, money, expertise, energy). ShopWindow proposes a simpler solution: an eCommerce backend, pluggable into any social profile / messaging app, so those can then be used as true store fronts to service customers. ShopWindow aims to simplify eCommerce.

Whats new about it?

  • It removes a huge pain point in eCommerce: building a front-end, by using the social profiles instead, which everybody knows how to use and everybody accepts (nobody questions FB, IG, WA user interface, they accept it). This removes the need of creating it on your own, which is a big pain.

  • True zero-expertise: if you can create a social profile, you can create your landing shop.

  • Instagram-like catalogs, built with simplicity in mind, for sellers and for buyers.

  • Addresses the new needs on the buyer end: x5 faster checkout, following up over text with personal messages in an scalable manner.

  • Works with what people already have: they get payments right in their debit card/bank acc/Paypal account... Current state of technology allows this to be simpler than ever before.


  • Abstracting the minimum common denominator to any eCommerce platforms and synthesize it in a simpler platform.

  • Identify and improve the bottlenecks and obsolete points in the shopping experience.

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