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Built for the Tchibo customer experience hackathon.


Andy, along with his girlfriend and cat, enjoy creating quality video content about some of their favorite subjects related to cooking and baking. As their videos grew in popularity on youtube, they began looking for ways to better serve their viewers and at the same time make some revenue for themselves. While top youtube content can bring great wealth to its creators, the vast majority earns nothing or very little as there are countless videos competing for limited ad revenue.

Since each of Andy's videos feature an array of kitchen products, He decided to try a more targeted advertising strategy, where he could partner with retailers and feature products for a commission on sales to his viewers. While this opened up opportunities for more consistent revenue, he still faced fierce competition with other content creators using the same strategy and still had no control over the ads youtube chose to display on his content.

To solve this, we've teamed up and created Shop TV. With the immense popularity of TV streaming devices such as Amazon's Fire TV Andy could use a TV app to deliver his content with a way to purchase featured items directly from the TV, he could open up his content and products in new settings with far less competition than he face with his videos on Youtube.


ShopTV is a FireTV (android based) app that can run on any public television or tablet display (for example, stores, gift shops, and malls, or at waiting/service areas).

Customers can engage with the television, watch videos, and scan and discover products right from the display. If the customer watches or engages with a piece of media and finds an item, the customer can simply scan the generated QR code from his or her mobile device and complete checkout away from the TV.

Each item has a distinct checkout link which allows the user to submit payment (and any necessary shipping information) from their personal mobile device. These links get rendered as QR codes that users can scan on the public display or tablet to view/complete checkout for that item.

Tchibo, for example, could plug into their existing network of shops and place displays that provide an engagement opportunity for the idle/browsing customer. Or if someone has ordered an item at a coffee shop, be able to optionally engage with a tablet running the app to drive additional purchases.

To run

  • Install Android Studio
  • Build and run on an android / Fire TV Device
  • For production, would require swapping out the fixed selection of items and connecting to a live catalog of items.

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