After listening to my family buy and sell several horses while my sisters were growing up and riding competitively, I heard them go some rough patches just trying to get good reliable information about the horses they were considering. As I listened more, I felt for them. They were spending quite a bit of money on a horse that they wanted to believe in.

Several times that trust that they were seeking as a purchaser was betrayed on some level, and this broke my heart. I started seriously looking around at what tools were available to potential buyers. Many of the sites I saw just didn't pass muster for me. Some of the most popular sites didn't even present horses in the most appealing way, at least to me. And I felt there were holes in the information available.

We have been hard at work putting together a place that we hope the horse riding community will enjoy. ShopToTrot began because we saw a need for somewhere that presented horses in a clean and uncluttered way with good relevant information.

What it does

It allows you to post a clean, uncluttered advertisement for selling horses, in particular your horse, that you may want to sell.

How I built it

With care and love on lunch breaks and at bedtime.

Challenges I ran into

Finding time outside of the day job to invest, it's the scarcest resource.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our first customer.

What I learned

Getting people to use what you've built (or how I like to put it, putting asses in the seats) is hard.

What's next for ShopToTrot

We're going to continue to add things to it, naturally. What is out there is just the start.

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