Before the covid crisis people preferred shopping for groceries online or visiting big brand retail stores. After disaster struck many of these e-commerce platforms were unable to deliver due to the lock down. The only option left for people was to visit their local shops. But this has its own problems as most of the time people have to visit multiple shops to find all the items they want, which puts them at a greater risk of being exposed to the virus. To tackle this we came up with ShopStock which allows the customer to send a list of required groceries or medicines they want to the shops in their vicinity and the shopkeepers in turn would inform the customer of the required items they have. Then the customer can choose a shop which best suits his requirements and place his order. The customer can then book a time slot to visit the store and pick his order. This not only optimizes the customers shopping experience but also empowers the local shopkeepers giving them a chance to regain the business they had lost to retail giants. Also the time slot concept will limit the amount of people visiting the store during a certain time frame, thereby enabling a simple and easy to manage form of social distancing.

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