We were inspired by the countless hours we have wasted attempting to find specific items in the grocery store. For example, when we first started going to our nearby Shoprite, we were there for two hours because we were constantly revisiting aisles.

What it does

This application helps its user to efficiently find specific items at their designated aisle, and also allows them to plan their trip ahead of time. The customer will be able to know where the items on their shopping list will be at the store's location that they chose.

How we built it

We built the front end prototype through in order to have a visual representation of what our application would look and function like. We also used Java in order to create the back end aspects of the app, allowing for those interested to see just how it would be able to do its magic.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we experienced was attempting to consolidate the scope of our project. We had so many ideas for ShopSmart, along with various components for not only the customers, but the cashiers as well. As it is also the first time either of us have ever created something at a Hackathon, we also had to deal with the extreme fatigue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to be able to hand something in and say that we were able to complete a project. We are also excited to know that our application could be of some real time usage.

What we learned

We learned what each of our strengths were, and how to use them in order to benefit our project. For Tiffhanie, her strong suit is working in Java so she decided to code in it accordingly. For Alison, her strong suit was more so front end and design. The both of us were also able to utilize our skills in new and creative ways, and also build more on them. We were also able to learn about new softwares and hardwares while here at HackHers.

What's next for ShopSmart

In the future, we hope to incorporate a method that can further help customers and employees by keeping track of how many customers are in a line at a time. This way, lines will be able to move more efficiently, as customers can see which line are the shortest and know which ones they should join in on, instead of poking their head in each and trying to see how many items each person in line has in their cart. We would also like to use the shopping cart feature of the app and connect it to the cashier's screen. By doing this, added with methods of security, the application may be able to decrease the queue times of the lines and create a faster shopping trip for the customer.

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