Social distancing is the most effective tool that we have to fight infectious diseases like Covid-19. It is why it is paramount to help people avoid crowding, especially in critical areas of our communities like grocery stores and hospitals.

While directives from governments are needed and essential, unfortunately, any panic or queues that we have witnessed increase infection risk whenever long lines form for necessary supplies like food and medicine. Proactive measures like having folks standing farther from each other may help, but still, have the risk of exposure in especially small areas. While we wait for wide-scale rapid testing to be deployed worldwide, enforcing social distancing is our best bet to flatten the curve.

Shopsafe allows stores to quickly set up queues where anyone with a cellular connection can register and join a line. For people with the option to, they can wait at a distance or in their cars where the stores can call them in when they are ready.

How It Works

We understand that users might not want to download an app just to shop at their grocery store and store staff are already stressed about stocking, cleaning, and patrons. We wanted to reduce overhead while making the experience as effortless as possible. The application can be deployed and used in 4 easy steps.

  1. Store managers register their stores on Shopsafe
  2. They provide the store name and their preferences for how many visitors they would like in their establishment
  3. We provide a number and code where visitors can text to wait in line for that store.
  4. Store staff can admit people who are waiting in line


This is especially useful for health organizations all the way down to the county level. Much has been said about tracking but many countries do not have easy access to cases being tied to one's phone number. Since Shopsafe is opt-in, we are able to provide an easy service to notify people who visited a store in a certain period to trace cases.

For retailers, the queue service that we offer is on-demand, meaning that it can be spun up or down as quick as a click. When it is time to have the conversation to re-open stores, Shopsafe can be used to prevent crowding at locations like parks which have an expected high demand when social distancing is relaxed.

What's next for Shopsafe

This app was just built in the last 48 hours, meaning that there is a quite a long roadmap to be fulfilled.

This service is an easy way for folks to voluntarily register for alerts if they have visited a store with someone who had a case of Covid-19. Adding store wide alerts that update people on the stock levels of certain products wouldn't be difficult if a store has to preemptively turn around people if they don't have supplies.

However, our first priority is to get this service in the hands of our brave men and women in the service and food industry to help keep them safe and healthy. We don't relish the fact that we have to stay indoors, but for those that need to, lets make their trips as safe as possible.

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