Having seen people rush on toilet paper running short, joint with recommendations to limit people in the stores to some upper boundary, the allocation needs to be facilitated in order to minimize the infection risks for shop customers.

What it does

Help people to find the next supermarket and allocate a timeslot, when they are going to make their purchases.

Especially people from high risk group would benefit from carefully planing their shop visit. This also supports shop owners to handle their clients accordingly.

The QRcode generated is meant to be presented on shop entry, and will also support in situations throughout a possible confinement.

How We built it


  • Sprint cycles of several hours
  • Trello board
  • API alingments


  • Vuejs
  • Apple Maps
  • REST
  • SpringBoot
  • MongoDB
  • Google Cloud Platform

Challenges I ran into

  • Protecting API key
  • Browser blocking geo location
  • Regression

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • high motivation throughout day and night
  • creating something of public interest
  • epic bug fixes

What I learned

  • to implement with several new frameworks (vuejs, apple maps, google cloud pipelines)
  • how to use QR code technology

What's next for Shopsafe

  • Backoffice for shop owners.
  • Roll-out to test region.
  • Hotline for elderly people.
  • Neighboorhood shopping list.
  • Special access for infection backtracking.

Try it out

Feel free to register any account on that demo-shop.

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