Checking the fridge and wasting time determining what you need to buy. Instead of "Add x, y, z, ... to my shopping list", say "ShoppingTime!" and it determines what you need to buy.

What it does

Say what items you'd like in your fridge, take a picture of your fridge, determine what is needed

How we built it

Swift -> App where you can take a picture and send it to a server we created with your unique id. Python -> Handles the image recognition and sends info to Google Vision API, which gives back info. This info is later processed by our Python Script and it sends a message to our Google Assistant, which lets the user know what needs to be bought.

Challenges we ran into

Server-side challenges, Google Mini connectivity

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Starting a new era of grocery shopping

What we learned

Working together in a team environment knowing what impact our software will have on the world

What's next for ShoppingTime

Collaborations with (a) grocery store company(ies) (Ex: Costco, Loblaws, etc.) where they can prepare the required items and user can either choose pickup or delivery. This speeds up the process of grocery shopping removing the need to search for items and remembering what needs to be bought.

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