We hate current advertisments, we want something personalized and suited for each customer.

How it works

We personalize your shopping experience. Every time. Based on face-recognition (identity of known faces) and categorisation of new faces (gender and age) we provide personalized product recommendations, which helps shoppers to find what they really want. And shop owners get to increase their sales. Think about it as offline cookies on steroids. And user can even buy product they see in adverts (either store front or in-store, vertical wall displays) with our iPhone app.

Challenges I ran into

We built client-side (quick) and server-side (accurate) face recognision. Finding the right balance and confidence levels without "violating" api limits ;) and providing fast feedback for user was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An entire shopping experience with fast and accurate face recognision.

What I learned

Amazing things from all APIs used. How to use OpenCV in C++ on iOS.

What's next for ShoppingPal

Pitch the project in our company (Inventorum).

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