Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it forced us with a challenge: How do we make those who can't physically go shopping in person, but still have the same feel and experience they'd normally have? That's how Shopping Spree came into existence.

What it does

Shopping Spree is an .io game designed to assist people with virtual shopping, because sometimes, it proves challenging! Shopping Spree is a virtual recreation of a shop that you'd normally go to. We not only have grocery products, but a wide range of items, from medical supplies to home decor.

How we built it

We coded this game and website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on a Node.JS server. Users can view our website and learn about the game, and they will also be able to go to the shopping page, where they can play the game themselves. The site is hosted on a Node.js server, which is used to communicate with the client when they place an order, or when they fill out the contact form. The server also transmits information about each item in stock, including the item’s name, quantity, and price, using Express.js and

Challenges we ran into

When creating the game, we realized that the game was consistently resetting the amount of money in the shopping cart as soon as it went over 1,000 dollars. Soon, we realized that it was a simple error, and we fixed the issue so that the consumer can purchase as many products as they'd like.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In 30 hours, we were able to make this website. It not only includes a game, but a website to go along with it. This took quite a lot of time to make, but at the end, it turned out way better than we expected, and we were extremely happy that we were able to complete such a difficult task in a mere 30 hours. Since this was our first hackathon, we worked well under the time frame, and our final product was amazing!

What we learned

First of all, we learned that anything and everything is with consistent determination, and confidence to pursue whatever you want in life. When managing your time wisely, you have endless possibilities to do whatever and wherever your imagination takes you.

What's next for Shopping Spree

In the future, we hope this website will become a real-life web application that consumers can connect their shopping accounts and billing information to, and will use to shop for everyday products, including groceries, electronics, and more.

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