Kav had an idea for a Mario Kart-like controller, and we tried to combine the use of an interesting controller with a game. After talking with Wegmans, we came up with the idea of racing around a grocery store, collecting items for recipes.

What it does

A unity game, the user tries to get as many points as possible by collecting ingredients for recipes found on the Wegmans database.

How we built it

We used Unity, C#, and a sprite creator Lars has.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a good 4/5 hours struggling with Github, and ultimately decided to collaborate over Google Drive instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The sprite art is pretty top notch, and the controller seems really cool

What we learned

Git bash, how to make sprite art, the feeling of drinking 3 monster energies and getting no sleep (not a good feeling), 3D printing, soldering, Unity

What's next for Shopping Kart

In the next 3 hours we're hoping to work out all the bugs and incorporate the Wegmans API fully

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