When the quarantine was started we all got stuck in our homes, and we buy everything, even our daily products online. It was easy and natural for us as far we all are IT specialist, but for our parents it was really tough and they often asked to buy something for them in internet...

What it does

We created telegram bot, which allows to fill product cart using simple text search directly from telegram group chat. So, many people can fill the cart together and then one responsible person makes checkout for whole group on e-commerce web site.

How we built it

We setup CommerceTools project, create Telegram bot, link them using our own microservice, and also added Vue Storefront as a frontend for our e-commerce store. Microservice is deployed on Heroku, Vue storefront is deployed on Netlify.

Challenges we ran into

  • difficulties with Vue storefront customizations
  • difficulties with Vue storefront deploy (it was failed on Heroku as far its building is required more than 1.5 Gb RAM, provided for free)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got positive and useful experience with Commerce Tools platform

What we learned

  • Elaborate your idea from your home usage to whole world
  • If you don't know something - never give up, continue to google it and knowledge will find you :)

What's next for Shopping Helper Bot

  • Facebook messenger?
  • More powerful bot
  • Shopping lists management

Built With

  • commercetools
  • java
  • telegramapi
  • vuestorefront
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