Scenario: Thomas went to Footlocker to look for a new pair of shoes. He noticed a Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off promotion. He then faced a problem, he only needed one pair of shoes. Rather than buying two pairs, he wanted to maximize the discount. He then realized that he could connect shoppers together that were facing the same problem as him.

The solution is Shopping Buddy. It is a platform to connect two like-minded people who want to share promotional discounts. For example, let’s say a pair of shoes at Footlocker cost $99.99 and they have the Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Sale in store. Shopping Buddy allows people like Thomas to find other individuals who want to share the discount but doesn't want to purchase the second pair. In this case the second item would come to $50 and the total for two pairs of shoes would be $150. Our platform would allow these two people to split the total cost resulting in them only paying $75 each. This is a much better scenario than paying $99 for one pair of shoes and $149 for an unnecessary pair.

First time users can post new deals immediately and an account will be created for them automatically via email. You can choose a title, store, category, location, description of the deal, add an image if necessary, a link and the price. Additionally, contact information will be asked so other shoppers can communicate with them easily through the send message function.

A step by step example can be seen in the screenshots.

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