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Trying to cook, lose weight, and reduce food waste is hard. Shopper Samantha helps you by combining your most used apps into one.

What it does

Shopper Samantha helps you create and maintain your shopping list by scanning your item's bar code, adding to your pantry, then scanning the expiration date. Which helps you reduce food waste by accidentally over buying items you already have.

Shopper Samantha also estimates how much of the items you use, thus adding it to your shopping list before you're completely out. No more pouring cereal into a bowl only to realize you don't have anymore milk!

Shopper Samantha can also scan recipes from your favorite cookbook and add to your grocery list. You won't have to worry about starting a new recipe only to realize you don't have any more paprika.

By scanning the bar codes of your items, Shopper Samantha logs the calories, protein, fats, and carbs helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Shopper Samantha can also estimate calories from recipes you use making it easier to count.

Shopper Samantha can also suggest recipes based on your pantry and your favorite foods.

How I built it

Shopper Samantha was built with Swift, Python, and Mongo. These components work together to allow a smooth and appealing app to a user friendly experience without having to keep track of so many different apps.

Challenges I ran into

Learning Swift Sending API calls to the database Interacting with database Modules in Wordpress

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time deploying an iOS app Deploying Mongo DB on Heroku Interacting with Python and Mongo DB

What I learned

How to use Views on Cocoa and XCode Setting up routes to get and post requests to Mongo DB How to create a website

What's next for Shopper Samantha

In the future, Shopper Samantha will be able to have smart fridge/pantry capabilities to take the ease out of having to estimate amounts used.

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