The app helps save time, energy and fuel in our busy lives.

Functionality: Multiple users can login after making an account. A user, when logged in, can create his/her dynamic shopping list. Based on the items selected by the user from his/her list and a start and end location entered by the him/her, the application plots a list of stores on Google map along the user's route. These stores are displayed as markers on the map. The application also provides a notification functionality.

Challenges we ran into:

Lack of answers available on the internet for google Apis and integrating them. Learning new technologies in very less time was a huge challenge. Implementing the ideas to code was not easy at all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Developing a prototype application that can be beneficial to the world. We did so much in so less time. We pushed ourselves and gave 100%.

What we learned

We learnt so many new technologies which we had never used before. Flask, MongoDB, Google APIs, JSON, JQUERY

What's next for ShopOnTheGo

Right now, we have just created a basic prototype. We plan on putting lot more functionality. Eg: Right now the location suggestions are more concentrated near the destination of the user. We plan on plotting it all along the user's entire route. Right now we have implemented a static notification panel, which will be useful for the user so that he never misses out on anything from his shopping list.

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