In this competitive e-commerce world, it has become hard for a simple shop owners to sell their products and services due to less visibility online. We wanted to bring back their businesses by introducing hyper local service and part time jobs platform.

What it does

Platform for hyper local services and part time jobs near you, on the go. You heard it right. If you want to get your kitchen tap fixed or you need a tutor for a day for your seminar or you need a entertainer for your kiddo's birthday party tonight, then search for the best service provider and your work would be done.

Not just a service finder platform but also anyone can create their own virtual shop and start selling their products and services to the people or do part time jobs in their neighborhood.

Ice Cream Siren[beta] - With this feature, traditional ice cream van or food truck don't have to use bell ring to attract the foodies. Now with Ice Cream Siren, trucks can use it to broadcast a notification to the people around them in range of 200 meters.

How I built it

I built it using these main tools & software:

  1. Android
  2. trnql
  3. PUSH
  4. Other open source stuffs.

To be specific about the features used by trnql SDK,

  1. Used People Nearby feature to find the people or hyper local shops or part timers nearby.
  2. Used Smart Location to update the address of a client automatically while placing orders at a shop. Also Smart Location has been used to help service providers to find the client and navigate to their place.
  3. Used Smart Weather feature to help shop owners to checkout for the weather before they hit the road to provide the service.
  4. Used Smart Activity to inform the clients whether the shop is free or busy at give time. [Example, if the ice cream van is moving then, it would show the shop is busy as they only stop at certain places. When the ice cream van stops then status of the shop would turn to be free.]

Try out the app to know everything in details. Please let us know, if you find any bug.

Challenges I ran into

Designing the product to scale and to have same performance at the same time was a tricky job. Plotting a solid architecture to build this platform was a bit of heavy lifting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Yup, we built a platform which could change the lives of millions who are unemployed or who were the victims of e-commerce revolution.

What I learned

If you want to build something great, you have to find the greatest problems or challenges around in this human race. Outcome was ShopOnGo. Whistles please ;)

What's next for ShopOnGo

We would try out for few backers, mentor and supporter. With their support and investments, we would be Uber for hyper local services. Hope we would get it. Fingers cross. ;)

Test Instructions

  1. Install the app in two Android devices.
  2. Login with separate Facebook accounts in each of the devices.
  3. You wont find any shops around if no one else has created a shop before. So from one device, go to Jobs Request, it will take you to create a shop if its the first time.
  4. Enter every details in the Shop Creation form and enter Store Setup button. Don't forget to mention proper Shop Category.
  5. Now from another device, wait for 2 min (refresh rate for people nearby in the app) or restart the app.
  6. Find the shop in the Category it was created before from another device.
  7. You would get the search results for the shops around. Tap on the result and you would be navigated to Shop details screen where you can see how far is the shop, whether the shop is free or busy, minimum charges etc.. You could book your service over there.
  8. You could find and track your placed orders in My Orders menu.

Creation of Shop.

  1. Once after creating a Shop, whenever a client books a service then you would get the Job Request in Job Requests.
  2. You would also get to track the client and also have a look at the current weather before proceeding for your job.
  3. Ice Cream Siren[beta]: Open the Siren feature from the menu and keep the screen turned on and whenever your business van is still or stopped then a notification would be sent to the people around in range of 200 meters. (Another devices would get notification about the presence of a moving shop nearby.)
  4. Shops activities would be shown to the users, so that they can calculate how much time it would take for a shop to turn back or reply.

Feel free to interact with us, report bugs, criticize, tap on our backs, suggestions, improvements, or to say hello.

ShopOnGo is a Shopify for hyper local and moving shop

Cheers, Good day.

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