Not knowing your way around a supermarket or warehouse can greatly slow you down when you are planning on buying some goods. You end up running from side to side trying to find that very well hidden item, as if you were on a quest for the Holy Grail. So why don't we turn Augmented Reality on and directly visualize where those items are?

What it does

Just fill your shopping cart with everything you need via any of our multiple channels (we are omnichannel, you can fill it anywhere!). Once you arrive to the place, just open the Shopiway app in your smartphone and enter your customer email: you can quickly see those items in your shopping cart around you.

How we built it

We used an Augmented Reality framework for iOS that can display geolocations around you and we connected Commercetools Platform as a provider for those geolocations. Therefore every product has a coordinate associated that represents where it is located.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge (for half of the team) was dealing with Augmented Reality and iOS for the first time, without any previous experience; especially when you have to use a programming language with quite a peculiar syntax such as Objective-C.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We managed to build a completely functional and eye-catching application in just one day, as we didn't plan to participate from the beginning.

What we learned

Our way around Augmented Reality, which is just the beginning of more awesome things to come ;)

What's next for Shopiway

In order to increase accuracy of the products location and allow the user a faster recognition, the current location-based Augmented Reality can be enhanced using markers. A more sophisticated solution can also involve using beacons to report the location to the device at short distances.

But the functionality can also be extended: currently Shopiway is just showing you the last cart you used, but it can easily support your own shopping lists, so that you can select the one you wish to display. Besides that, the way the products are displayed can be improved with more information (e.g. pictures) that allows the customer to identify faster the items. Selecting a product to receive additional information should also be possible.

A greater improvement would also be to implement payment, so that the customer can finish the order on the way and simply go to the store to pick up the items him/herself. This would allow merchants to offer this kind of service without extra costs of staff.

Built With

  • commercetools
  • ios
  • praugmentedreality
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