Ecommerce store expects the user to login to the store to check the status of an order. What if the customer chose not to create a login, instead purchased an item without create a store account. This shopify app allows the store owners to provide online order status check feature after confirming the phonenumber used place the order belongs to the user using 2fa (powered by nexmo)

How it works

Enter the phone including internationalcode, areacode and phone number. For Ex : US Phone numbers should start with 1 followed by 10 numbers like 13033030000 We will send a security code by SMS to the number entered above. If the entered number is not a mobile number a voice call will be made. Enter the security code in the page and press the Check Order Status button We will verify the security code and if valid then give you the status of the latest order

Challenges I ran into

Understanding Shopify integration capabilities and storing the phonenumber between 2 requests.

Built With

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