We thought that a platform like Shopify should really have support for easy payment using checks. Integration of allows the customers and partners of Shopify businesses to pay quickly using bank checks.

What it does

The program takes the user from their Shopify website and brings them to our landing page for payment. Then the user will get an invoice and they will pay using and will return the user back to Shopify.

How We Built It

Challenges We Ran Into

Shopify doesn't allow custom 3rd party payment options and they have closed their application for applying for 3rd party payment programs.

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of

Well, one of the biggest issues that we had throughout this project is the lack of support for third party payments, so, this made this project rather difficult in of itself. So overcoming that was honestly a win for us. Our manual integration of a payment through is rather sweet, and we're proud of it.

What I Learned

Camdyn - I starting working with JavaScript, node.js, and react.js. Ryan - Anders - Milind -

What's next for Shopify App

Working to get a hosted SDK with Shopify in order to facilitate a permanent relationship and platform for, the only paperless checking system, on one of the largest e-commerce platforms.

Built With

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