Shopifai takes inspiration from the Clarifai image recognition API and shopping experience of browsing stores and products.

What it does

Shopifai uses image recognition and associates tags with the uploaded image. The app will locate stores based on the user's location and the uploaded image. For the store list, the user could choose to map the stores in order to get Google Map routes. Additionally, the user could search within a located store to find specific products and their details.

If the user navigates to the tags view controller, the user could see a list of tags that are associated with the image. The user could also locate stores based on the selected tag.

For example, a user uploads a picture of an apple. The app will recognize the picture as an apple and will retrieve a list of stores that have apple related products. The user could select a store from the list to retrieve a list of specific apple products such as Gala apples along with costs, images, and names. Navigating to the tags view controller, the user could see a list of words for the apple image that could include "fruit", "apple", etc.

How I built it

I built it using Swift language for iOS development. The two APIs I used for the project were Clarifai and Goodzer. Clarifai provides image recognition while Goodzer provides store and product details. I used CoreLocation and MapKit for user's location and map view. I also mapped the coordinates of the selected store in the map view to the link to Google Maps URL for routing .

Challenges I ran into

  • Accommodating more ideas along the way when developing the app
  • Following the procedures in submitting first app to the app store

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Independently designed, coded, and implemented the app

What I learned

  • coding and implementing public APIs
  • submission process of the app store ## What's next for Shopifai
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