People make bad food choices which often leads to malnutrition and obesity. To help break poor eating habits, PaperCheck advises the users to make better decisions.

What it does

When users take a picture of their shopping list, ShopBright analyzes each grocery and gives feedback on the nutrition values.

How I built it

The team connected different APIs (Google Cloud Vision/Cloud) and Flask using Python.

Challenges I ran into

We had no prior experience in the languages, APIs, and the libraries. While it was easier to work on the individual elements, putting them altogether was difficult as there were less guidelines online.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having built a server from scratch and being able to create a user interface that integrates different systems.

What I learned

Teamwork, working with new technology, and asking for help

What's next for ShopBright

We will publish PaperCheck at an App Store and use a credible database to inform the users. Further, we will implement a user-friendly UI.

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