We Got the Inspiration from the Low and Small Business Unable to Market about themselves so we are here to help them make their Business Online using our Services.

What it does

ShopBoost will help People with its service and flagship Membership Program to help Businesses get their recognition for the Work which they very much deserved. ShopBoost will turn their Local Business into easy to handle E- Business Platform

How I built it

We Built this ShopBoost by researching a lot on the Idea of Small Business. Then we came to know about the lack of time especially in competition like a hackathon where time plays very key role. So we got ourselves into Weebly Website Builder and built our idea into the Website.

Challenges I ran into

Team Communication and Time Management were the Biggest Challenge for us as both the members were from different Country and are Beginners so atleast we hope of winning the Beginner Prize. We lost 2 members of our team as their examinations are being conducted by their respective universities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are Proud of achieving this feat as this was Our First Hackathon especially it is pretty big when it comes under international level . So kinda Proud of ourselves

What I learned

I learned a lot from this Hackathon, Especially Team Co-ordination and Time Management along with Project Management

What's next for ShopBoost

We are still unsure as we dont have any higher finance where we can take this initiative to a new Level.

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