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Welcome to shopAtSlot

Our Objective:The main aim of our website is to provide an effective way of approach to encourage social distancing and control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Using our portal, a person will be able to order the required groceries and medicines from the stores that are within a 5km radius from the user's location according to availability. He/she can select a specific time slot at which he can go to the shop with a assurance that No two people cannot step to same store at same time, where he will find his order packed and ready, and collect the items. This will help to keep social contact of that person to a minimum and also increase the sales of the shops while trying to prevent the spread of the virus.

The main reason for this due to fall in economy, increased prices, shotage of items and products, increase in spread of virus by gatherings in public places,etc. All these can be seen from the link :

Implementation:We are an website, which will display the user with the nearby shops with in a certain range of area, the availability of required items will be provided to the user with a time slot after the selection of them. The availability of each of the items will be updated in real-time in the cloud database linked with the shops. The slots are allotted in such a way that no slots of two customers clash and they do not meet each other. Thereby, minimizing the contact of a person with others.

Applications: This application can be used to acquire various essential commodities and items like: Groceries, Vegetables, Medicines, etc. Further, this can be extended to any other items once the COVID-19 is controlled and can help people to easily locate their requirements.

Benefits: Minimizes direct contacts with a person, thereby preventing any contamination of the virus. Saves time by avoiding long queues. People can avoid searching for a specific product in various shops manually and use this application to locate the product. Induces a sense of trust in the minds of users, improving their mental stability.

Final Result:We will be able to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by preventing the meeting of people at different public places and easily buy the products and other groceries from the stores by visiting them at specific time slots given by the app to each user and selecting the products that we want to buy from the app without much interaction with of other people at the shop thereby reducing the spread of the virus.

Once the campaign is done, if we are able to create an Website successfully in a functional manner then we can bring it to the public for their use and develop it further based on requirement and needs.

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