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Ever thought of going shopping but virtually? There are a lot of shopping games out there but all are mostly in 2D. So, I along with my team came up with a cool idea of creating a 3D shopping complex. You can control your GameObject and make it go anywhere, any shop, any building, and can moonwalk on roads blindly without the fear of getting hit xD (P.S: only in the game)


We have used DFINITY to deploy our game, you can access it from the given link:

Website for the Game:

Cannister ID: f2pkg-oyaaa-aaaab-qalqq-cai




What it does?

You land up in a toon city, surrounded by shops and other residential buildings and your aim is to buy all the stuff mentioned in your objective's list before you run out of time.


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THE PAUSE MENU: (you can press the `ESC button to trigger the pause menu.)

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LOOSE SCREEN: (if you are not able to make things work in time)

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WIN SCREEN: (if you are able to make things work in time)

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How it works?

When you start the game, you will land on the: Main Menu


It has three options:

  • Play
  • Options
  • Quit

Options Menu: If you click on the OPTIONS BUTTON you will land on the options menu. Which has two options:


  • Volume Slider: You change the volume of the background music


  • Instructions: If you click this button you will land upon a page on which you can select which map's instructions you want to look on. (For example, The instructions for map 1 is listed below)



You can use the '<' button on the screen and the 'BACK' button to move back to the previous scene.

Game Mode: If you hit the play button you will land on a new menu where you can select between the two menus.


1) Free Mode: In the free mode, you can freely move around the city and get into the shop of your choice and buy any random stuff (until the timer and your dollar bills last 🤣).


2.Guided Mode: In the guided mode there is a particular mission that needs to be completed. So you are given a list of items that are requested for purchase, limited cash, and a time frame in which you have to complete the task.



  • You can control the character with the arrow keys or the WASD keys


  • If at any time you feel to pause the game you can do that by hitting the ESCAPE button and hit it again to resume.

  • For the FREE MODE you can click on the nameplate of the shop you want to enter, and hit on the buy button below it to purchase it.

  • For the GUIDED MODE you can click the 'I' key for checking your INVENTORY, 'Q' key for checking the OBJECTIVE, and 'E' to buy an item.

Programming Languages

We have used C# for writing the scripts and Unity as our editor. Since game development was new to us so we referred to a number of youtube tutorials and blogs on game development. The assets we used in our game are freely available on the unity assets store.

How to use it?

Our game is not published yet, but that doesn't mean you can't play it.

Follow the steps below to know how you can access this game.

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Pull the code to your local desktop
  3. Open Unity Hub (make sure you are using the Unity Hub Version 2020)
  4. Load the project into unity
  5. Once the project is successfully loaded into Unity go to Projects Pane > Assets > Menu > 1 Menu Scene.
  6. Once the 1 Menu Scene loads successfully hit the play button to start the game.
  7. After following the above steps you will land on the start of the game which is our Main Menu.

Challenges we ran into

  • It took a lot of time to learn and understand C# scripts.
  • Getting comfortable with Unity was the toughest part and the most enjoyable part at the same time.
  • Game Code is super messy and cleaning it was breaking something or the other.

Accomplishments we are proud of

  • Getting acquainted with Game Development Environment in just three weeks was awesome.
  • We got to learn a new programming language
  • Working with UNITY was super fun
  • We faced a lot of issues still managed to complete our project

What we learned?

  • We learned how to program in C#
  • We now know how the UNITY Editor works (maybe to some extent, unity is a never-ending story)
  • How to work and collaborate in teams

What's next?

  • Will add cheat codes to revive a player before the timer goes off or before it runs out of money.
  • Will add a cart feature in FREE MODE

Have feature requests or want to contribute?

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Report a Bug 🐞

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About Us

Hello there 👋! We are proud members of Pod 2.1.3 also know as Goofy-Goofy 😃. We are tech-explorers 🚀, highly motivated to learn new things and build cool and random stuff 💥.


Sakshi Gupta


Samuel Alexander


Saksham Mittal


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