Confessions of a Shopaholic (Genesis of the idea):

I love to shop but every time I went to a shopping mall I was disappointed that I could not identify the right shops/outlets because of the length and breadth of the mall and also the numerous shops that were there. It was practically impossible.I always had this feeling of missing an amazing offer because of lack of time.It was difficult to find the right stuff to buy with so many shops.I was always confused if I was making the right decision or not.

I felt a strong urge to solve this long lasting problem and help fulfill the wish of infinite shopaholics like me.That is when I thought about Shopaholic -the next gen shopper's dream.It's a dream because it comes to life when you wear the Epson Moverio smart glasses and once you take them off it doesn't exist.

Another problem for these shopping malls is that they end up with lot of window shoppers.So I believe that we can actually drive customer engagement by showcasing amazing offers and products in a short span of time, which eventually compels them to buy.


Shopaholic is an augmented reality app which assists customers locate the right shops/outlets, merchandise and coupons/discounts in a mall.It also guides them to the outlet.You can virtually try out clothes / accessories as well.Just in case if the customers are in a hurry they can window shop using the app and add the products to their wishlist and purchase them later.

It is very easy to get lost in a shopping mall with a myriad of amazing products and shops.It is important that we find the products that we are looking for and also get maximum discounts on them which eventually makes us happy.

Shopaholic helps you resolve this problem in an amazing manner.The moment you enter the mall a mini replica of the mall / the shop wall will be available which is nothing but a wall which features all the shops in the mall.


  1. A customer needs to use the Shopaholic app and he will be able to check the discounts available in all the stores.So for example if there are three stores Gap , Guess and Tommy Hilfiger.I'm looking to purchase a cool sweatshirt then by using shopaholic, I know that Gap is offering 10% discount, Guess is not offering any discount and Tommy Hilfiger is offering 20% discount. So I choose to go to Tommy Hilfiger outlet first rather than wasting time on Guess and Gap outlets.By using Shopaholic I can make wise shopping decisions.
  2. The next problem is how do I go to Tommy Hilfiger outlet.This app guides you in the right direction saving your time.
  3. Also imagine if I'm a foreigner or someone who is not a regular customer.Then there is a good possibility that I might not be knowing some of these brands and which merchandise is available in a specific outlet.By using shopaholic you can find out which shop deals with which items/merchandise.

    This helps the customer in going to the right shop.For example if I had to buy a webcam I can point the app and search for stores which deal with computer peripherals.If there was best buy/fry's in that mall shopaholic would suggest me.Saving a great deal of time and effort.

  4. Coming to the next part shopaholic helps you try out various outfits/apparel.This should help you in choosing the perfect outfit.
  5. Window shopping was never more fun.Shopaholic adds a whole new dimension to this space by letting customers browse through the shop's inventory and letting them add products to their wishlist.So that next time the customer arrives at the mall the app automatically recommends products based on his needs which can enhance the chances of customers buying the products.
  6. Apart from this one major statistic is that the turn out of window shoppers is significantly higher than the actual customers.So shopaholic engages these window shoppers by luring them with discounts or the wide range of merchandise and in turn compelling them to buy or at-least increasing their engagement with stores/brands.This will fetch better results in the long run as stats reveal that the more time a customer invests in a product the higher the chances of the customer to purchase it.

    Overall this helps in creating an amazing shopping experience and also reducing the workload of the staff in the mall(this increases their productivity as they can focus on helping customers more efficiently and also increases the employee satisfaction).


    Shopaholic will totally revolutionize the shopping experience and be the next big thing in virtual reality impacting every mall in the world.This can also be expanded to any shop/retail outlet.

    The Dubai Maill

    The Dubai Mall houses more than 1200 stores and is spread on a retail space of 500,000+ sq meters.Just Imagine shopping with Shopaholic in The Dubai Mall and the ease and comfort you enjoy with it.The opportunity is huge and we would like to make a significant impact.

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