The inspiration behind Shop4Me was the problem that older people cannot go out to do their errands. Not everyone lives in a residential care home and not everyone lives with their children anymore. A lot of seniors are by their own. By creating an application which allows seniors to get their necessary errands delivered, we can minimize social contact and ensure their safety. This app has a high potential in this time and furthermore it has its own utility post crisis.

What it does

A person, most likely a senior, can create a shopping list. After selecting the necessary items, the shopping list will be listed on a public list, which can be accessed by youngsters who like to help. The helper can accept a request and do the errand for the person. Furthermore the helper can contact the people in need by calling the given phone number.

How we built it

We build our application with react, redux, python, asynchio, sql and node.js. Currently it is a webapplication but the idea is to transform it to a smartphone app, that is easy to use while maintaining functonality.

Challenges we ran into

We are a small team of students trying to learn while working on an useful project. Thus we had to look up things like packages and library´s we never used before One of the main Challenges was also to keep everything easy to use for the elderly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Things we are proud of :

  • we made an prototype in only 3 days -to take part in our first hackathon -gaining a lot experience ## What we learned teamwork, new packages and library´s, improved our coding-skills ## What's next for Shop4Me Implement Pictures instead of text to make things even easier and switching to a smartphone app. improve security and performance.
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