"Spatial computing will move computing from something that sits on a desk, or that you hold in your hands, to something that you move around with"

What it does

Our services provide augmented reality frameworks to enhance immersive shopping for retail stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Adidas, etc.

How I built it

For our demo, we use a game engine(Unity) and a cross-platform API for AR(vuforia). We also use external applications to scan and collect data from the object that will be recognized.

Challenges I ran into

The iterative process that I have to make for getting data from the object

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A fully functional demo app that shows immersive shopping. It will be used in retail stores and it will provide a new enhanced way to advertise products.

What I learned

If we want to grow as a company we have to use cloud computing that will accelerate our data collection as well as to avoid iterative processes

What's next for Shop x VA R

We want to develop a complete line of augmented reality frameworks such as VARx Outfit, VARx catalog, and VARx I-MAPPING.

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