Problem faced:-

For every poor person, clothing is shelter. But most of them cannot afford even one meal properly then how can they think of quality clothes. In this pandemic year clothing problems are faced by many poor people around the world and the social distancing is making it difficult for people to go and donate clothes to help them. Due to this poor people are forced to wear torn clothes. They used to beg for clothes but people don’t give them anything. So by this project we sincerely hope to help these people by collecting the donation safely and giving them.


Shopagezy is the solution to these problems. This store is an online platform in which you can go and donate for poor people.

Services it provides are: ~AR Shop:- online shopping with AR view. This allows you to experience traditional shopping while sitting at your home. In this pandemic while following social distancing you can shop by having a real life interaction with the product. ~Donate:- Here you can donate to the poor people. You just need to fill in the details, our agent will come to receive the donation. And those donations will be given to the needy. ~Sell Them:- If you want to sell your clothes which look the same as the new, here you can sell them to the needy at a cheap rate giving both of you the profit. ~Defective:- All the defective yet useful products are here for the sale at a very cheap rate. ~Blogs:- Every wonderful contribution towards the betterment of those little lives are recorded here. These daily blogs will help to motivate you to donate.

How it will help:-

It will help the poor people to get some good clothes without any fear of spreading the virus because of the physical contact. Our team will make sure to sanitize each and every product before any transactions. Thus with a safe hand. The one who always wants to help the poor but somehow due to the fear of covid-19 is hesitating to do that can now freely contact us and donate without any worry.

I hope we all help the people by providing some clothes.

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