Have you ever wished that you could see how jewelry looked on you before you brought it. Maybe you wanted to find that special piece of jewelry that matches with a particular outfit. Or maybe you want to get the opinions of your friends or family before spending a large amount of money on that diamond necklace or expensive sunglasses. The Shop Smile Click app allows you to try on jewelry, sunglasses, hats or teeshirts from anywhere using augmented reality, facial/feature recognition and the Sears catalog.

Key features include:

  • Ability to save snapshot photo to device
  • Ability to share snapshot photo on Facebook
  • Ability to find out item price
  • Place products on yourself through front facing camera or on another person using the rear camera
  • View jewelry, hats, tee shirts and sun glasses directly from the Sears catalog
  • Purchase the items and have them delivered to you or pick up from your nearest Sears store (future)
  • Add items to your wish list to save for later
  • Share your Wishlist socially on Facebook (future)

Shop Smile and then Click to buy or share from your Android device today!

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