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Core Functionalities

intuitive, easy to use Android app, free to download and use option to donate a percentage of savings back to the project to help with sustainability complete product database of Coles and Woolworths stores, updated weekly with price changes auto complete when entering products, using elasticsearch with the existing database, as well as suggested items to add based on your search history generic 'product' items, allowing people to simply add 'milk' or 'bread' to their list, without specifying brand, size etc. and the App will return the recommended best buy from all the available options (this is then editable, if you don't like the chosen option) we will give you advice about where you should shop, based on the items on your list: we will tell you how much you'll save if you shop at Woolworths, at Coles, or if you choose to split your shop between the two (this will give an itemised list of products for each scenario, which you will then be able to edit if you wish) increase buying power, by telling users when they should, and shouldn't, be buying specific items, using the historical price data collected from the stores. We'll be able to tell you when specials are actually 'special enough' to warrant adding to your list, and let you know when things are likely to come on sale at a good price. shared lists, that are accessible by multiple family members/household members, replacing the combination of sticky notes and frantic test messages currently employed by many shoppers. By having it on your phone, and accessible by the whole family, not only will your list be far more complete than before, it will also be more detailed, including brands and weights and varieties, making it much easier to safely deputise the shopping to someone else! watch list, which you can add items to until they come up on sale, at which point you'll be prompted to move it onto your shopping list tailored advice re specials and savings, based on your buying history searchable history, tracking your previous list items, and how much you've saved to date with the app a few, simple questions upon sign up that will help to make the data collected more useful to researchers, including ave. household income, number of house members and postcode single sign in using your Google account

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