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Shop Smart FAQs!

The App: A shopping list app that compares Coles and Woolworths prices and gives users advice on where to shop to save the most money!

The 'What's in it for Me?' for users: The app will save families real money every time they shop. It will track specials and them them when to buy what. It also creates one centralised list for the family/household.

The Health Benefits: The hope is that, by saving people money on their regular grocery shop, they will have more 'disposable' money to spend on perceived 'expensive', healthier foods, including fresh fruit and veggies.

The Data: Upon signing up for the app, users are asked a few simple questions, including average household income and postcode. The app would then collect data about people's food-buying habits, and share it with researchers to expand the knowledge base re food/health links.

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