Inspiration: Covid-19 has brought devastation to millions of families and communities across the globe. With the new circumstances, small businesses require the support of their community members now more than ever.

What it does: The website provides users with information about small businesses in Atlanta, GA. The information is sorted by the type of business and the user can choose the type they want to explore. The site also provides the user with directions to the small business. The google map also shows the locations of the small businesses in Atlanta, GA.

How we built it: The website was developed with HTML/CSS for the front end and JavaScript for the backend via Visual Studio Code. A json file was also created to store data for the businesses. The Google Maps API was used to allow users to find the small businesses near them.

Challenges we ran into: Having minimal experience in hackathons, we had difficulty working with git and implementing all of our goals onto the site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud of the dynamic UI and our ability to utilize git to collaborate on the project.

What we learned: We learned more about git and using HTML/CSS. We researched new features for the UI and learned how to implement them.

What's next for Shop Small Atlanta: Making it able to be deserialized from a data file instead of hardcoding the locations and adding a filter for what types of businesses people may be interested in.

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