shop smALL

Due to inflation and supply chain disruptions from the pandemic and low exposure and demand, 70% of small businesses reported moderate to large price increases during Fall 2021. We were inspired by this issue and wanted to create a platform to help small businesses that are struggling and are barely keeping afloat. We have a lot of love for local businesses and we believe in giving back to our very own communities.

We develop a relationship with the small businesses to give them exposure and provide more customers through our platform. Each product has an interest list where interested customers may add themselves to the interest list. Small businesses can then lower price for the bulk orders. The small business gets to decide a certain duration and/or maximum capacity for the interest list to close

We built the web application using React. Additionally, we used Firebase for storing and retrieving all the data.

Our first major challenge was finding internet to build our project. We had to relocate multiple times and had to resort to using our cellular data for hotspots. A major challenge we faced in creating our web application was in learning how to use React. We struggled a lot with the navigation and routing. Eventually, through trial and error, we were able to figure out how to navigate to specific pages for each user. We also spent a lot of our time trying to make our login and sign up pages work as intended for both sellers and users.

We are proud of the UI and design of our website. We also feel accomplished in how much React and Firebase we learned. Whenever we felt like we were faced with an impossible bug, we were able to efficiently and supportively work together as a team to solve it.

We learned about how to use Firebase authentication, which we had little experience in. We also learned a lot of different techniques from each other on how to structure the website authentication and sign ins. Learning how to make better use of our resources and learned how to efficiently google our questions was a major highlight from our experience. We gained insight on how to communicate as a team and often only broke through our challenging problems by working together.

shop smALL is definitely within its beginning stages, and we intend on continuing this project following Cal Hacks! We plan on improving the design and functionality of the program to include more use cases for both shoppers and sellers. Though analysis of our own needs and functions present websites and apps, we can gain more insight of what users may be interested in for our program. An initial idea is to expand our platform into an application! Moreover, we will seek small businesses who may be inclined to sell their products through our website, and soon put our program into action.

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