Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, finding affordable groceries has not been simple or easy. It has statistically made it harder for 1 in 3 people in the U.S.A. to find groceries that fit their price limit. So, that is why we created Shop Simply! Shop Simply allows users to find the most well-priced item at any grocery store around the world in a matter of seconds. With a quick search for any item, the best prices will appear right in front of your eyes! Shop Simply is reinventing online shopping for everybody.

What it does

The concept of our project was to provide a convenient and centralized location for people to find prices for online shopping items. We started by creating a web scraper with Javascript that is able to scrape data from multiple online retailers based on a keyword that the user inputs. The web scraper organizes the data it finds from cheapest to most expensive before posting it to a locally hosted server (of course, the server wouldn’t be hosted locally if we were actually rolling this project out.) We then used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a website that gets the data that our web scraper posts and then displays it in an easy-to-read format. The website allows users to input any keyword for the web scraper to use when it’s running.

How we built it

Frontend: HTML and CSS and Backend: Node JS

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge of our project was actually getting an output from our search part of our site given a specific keyword. We spent multiple hours trying to fix errors on the data not being taken in by the html file and as a result not giving us an output. But, finally we were able to fix this error and everything ran smoothly! In addition, this was me and Larry’s first time ever using javascript which made the coding itself very hard as we were learning the syntax throughout our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Larry is very proud of his ability to learn JS in such a small amount of time and actually create a very innovative website with functions beyond his initial expectations for our project. In addition, he was very pleased with his ability to connect the frontend and backend of our project despite the multiple difficulties we had.

Ethan is proud of his work with learning JS along with Larry and being able to debug with him. In addition, he is proud of his work with structuring our video and our project overview.

Rohan is proud of his work in terms of HTML and CSS. He is pretty experienced in this field of code, but his work was still pretty tedious but turned out extremely well.

What we learned

From this project, Rohan, Larry, and I all experienced how much of a time crunch hackathons really are. They bring out the best in you, but you have to perform under strict time constraints. We realized it in this hackathon because it was one of the first hackathons as a team and individually. Also, we learned how hard it is to combine HTML, and JS files throughout this hackathon because of how many hours we spent debugging our issues to make the main function of our project work.

What's next for Shop Simply

In the future, we plan to make this website into a mobile app. We believe that having the ability to quickly use our app when actually grocery shopping would be quite beneficial and would save people lots of time and money. In addition, we would hope to be able to actually communicate with these large companies and get the permission to get the updates on their new sales/deals that they have.

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