During this Covid-19 Pandemic, it is advised to avoid gatherings and avoid contacting people as it can lead to an increase in the spread of the disease. People followed social distancing when they went for essential commodities shopping, this led to long waiting lines outside the shops. Moreover, in some places, it even becomes a huge problem as proper social distancing cant be employed because of crowding.

The other issue is contact tracing. An infected person might have visited several places before he got confirmed as COVID positive. This will create huge distress as every place he travelled in the last few days must be sanitized properly.

Another minor issue is forgetting to wear a mask while moving out of our home.

ShopSafe App is built to all these issues.

What it does

ShopSafe App can be used to join the Queues of the Shops virtually. Hence there is no necessity for everyone to stand in the long queues. Thus Social Distancing measures can be followed efficiently.

Once the user is logged in.

  1. User can see various stores nearby. Also, various details about the number of people in the queue (with estimated wait time) are provided.
  2. User can Join Queue of any Store with a single button click.
  3. Once the user position is confirmed, he will be notified at the time of his turn.
  4. A pin is provided which is needed to be shared with the Store Manager at the shop for verification.
  5. Also, if not interested, the user can opt-out from the Queue anytime until his turn come.

All the corresponding details about each customer is available to the separate dashboard provided to Store Manager. So that he can contact his users if required. Also, the Store Manager can edit and manage details about the store at any time.

For easier contact tracing all the details about the previous stores visited the user are stored locally. So that they can be easily used for contact tracing if in case the user is infected.

ShopSafe uses GeoFence where user can mark his home territory and once the user is about to move out his marked territory. An automated notification pops up which will ask the user to wear a mask. Hence, next time you move out of your home, you will not be forgetting to wear a mask.

How I built it

The app is built on Android Studio using the Android SDK. Additionally, several open-source libraries were used at required positions to speed up the development process.

Challenges I ran into

Database generation and building Ui Architecture has become hard initially. Later I followed a few online tutorials to get proper understanding and get my things done.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to ideate and complete building the whole prototype within 13hrs.

What I learned

I have learned various things about GeoFencing mechanism and its integration into android.

What's next for Shop Safe App

I will try to integrate a feature where user prior to the visit, can provide a list of items which he is willing to get from the store. This people at the Store can keep them ready by the time user arrives for the pic up.

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