ShopMyColours is mobile app to help you find clothing that matches your complexion to your personal colour palettes. With millions of options out there, this helps you narrow down the options to just those that suite you. Using iBeacon technology, the ShopMyColours app will also guide you through Westfield to the shops that have the garments that are right for you.

When I got my colours done and discovered my colour palettes, everything changed. Clothing was easier to buy, and complemented me rather than jumping off of me.

This discovery is what inspired this app.

Until I got my colours done (using the Colour Affects method) I was always buying the wrong clothing for my complexion. Something about the colours just wasn't right.

Once your palettes are defined, eg 'Formal', 'Casual', or 'Wow', one option is to receive suggestions and recommendations based on your personal colour palette. If you haven't had your colours done, there's a facial recognition feature that will provide a categorisation based on the the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter colour themes and recommendations based on that.

Adding social media extensions, can allow sharing your palette information with your friends who can make recommendations or gift choices based on the colours that really work for you.

For businesses, ShopMyColours can guide consumers who otherwise might not have known or considered their brand for the apparel they are looking for. New Beacon payment systems can add new purchasing options for the consumer, while providing consumer metrics to the shop. Information such as consumer usage, purchase conversions and consumer colour palette information are all potentially available.

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