Huge audience: Smart phones are ubiquitous.
Low barriers to entry: Cardboard VR is inexpensive.
Opportunity: Few e-Commerce industries have explored shopping from within VR.

What it does

This is a concept shopping cart inside of virtual reality.

How we built it

This app is built with Aframe.js and JavaScript. It is hosted on AWS Lightsail. It queries the T-Mobile API.

Challenges we ran into

Cross origin request permissions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How well the team worked together.

What we learned

Design, development, infrastructure, and business.

What's next for Shop From VR by the Virtuosos

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Team Members:

  • Timothy Bramlett
  • Theresa Le
  • Matt Nutsch
  • Matt Souza


GitHub repo:

Keynote slides (Mac PC):

FOR BEST RESULTS: Open Demo URL in Chrome Mobile and view in a Cardboard VR headset.

Built With

  • aframe.js
  • aws-lightsail
  • html
  • t-mobile-api
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