We wanted to make a robot that could help defend your home, but instead we made a robot that just attacks anyone's face.

What it does

It tracks faces, and shoots foam balls at them when it's a probably good shot!

How we built it

The Pi runs the "brains" of the project. It identifies the faces, and tells the arduino to move the camera (and turret) so the face is centered. Then it tells it to fire until he face is gone.

Challenges we ran into

GLUE GUNS are sold out at two wal-marts around the FIU campus


building a foam ball gun was difficult

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was Eric Rippe's first hackathon, so we are proud of him for sticking with it and really being a fantastic part of such a unique hack.

We are also glad we were able to make such a difficult hack come to life

What we learned

We learned that making cool hardware hacks with motors is actually much more accessible that we believed it was prior to this hack.

We also learned that putting openCV on a raspberry pi is much more annoying than putting it on a PC.

What's next for Shooty McShoot Face

Maybe it will learn to not shoot certain people? OR more likely, it will learn to move on it's own and chase people down.

Things we had to leave out

We really wanted to include a website that could chronicle Shooty's adventures in the form of a long-form type of record that consisted of all his/her victims. Ideally this website would be appended with images of all targets fired at in real time.

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