Not Inspired From Someone, Its My Own Creativity.I made this game with excitement .

What it does

This game is so addictive. You feel love in playing this game. I personally liked this game. There are many features in this game like; -- There are two modes in this Game one is Endless-mode and the second mode is Level-Mode. Endless Mode --In this mode player have to hit the plates that come from the left side,There is a ball counting function in this mode.If you don't hit the plate, three balls will be deducted from total balls available.If you hit the ball then there is bonus of three balls.If you lose all the balls, you will the game. Level Mode --In this mode, There is a level system.if you complete levels then it will unlock more levels.There are total of 80 levels in this mode that I added.As in the endless mode , There is no ball counting system,In this mode you have unlimited balls.The concept of level mode is that there are hearts.If you skip one plate you will lose one heart. About Menu --In this menu I created the scroll down animation that looks amazing.

How I built it

After a lot of hard work,I succeed in making this amazing game for our Circle.There was many problems that I faced but I did not lose hope and completed this project alone.

The main software used in making this game is Unity , And scripts are written in C#

Facebook Products

To make this game Facebook friendly, I have integrated Facebook Ads in this game to make this game more interesting and enjoyable.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I faced in making this game is overtime working.I am a beginner in game development. But YouTube helps me a lot. I am pretty sure that will eventually come to real world in the near future. I really proud of what I achieve so far!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of what I made. I feel proud that I have created my first HTML5 game which is now on the way. There are many projects that I have handled But After Completing this project i have a new kind of happiness,I was like "I did it".

What we learned

There is nothing big I learned from this game expect great experience :) . Nice Project, I love It Personally.Facebook is a great Platform to Intersect with others. There are many things that I learned For example sticking For long time into something will give you better reward.

What's next for ShooterMax

I am willing to add more levels and more features that will make this game more fantastic.I want to add Facebook SDK, Play-fab, Photon for multiplayer,In-Game Coins, Leader-board, and rewarded video ads in the future.

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