We started out with a 4 hour car ride discussing different projects and sparking a battle between iOS and Android fanboys. Eventually we landed on doing QR laser tag, and when finding out we could get Cardboards at PennApps, we decided to pursue the AR side of it as well.

What it does

ShootAt.Me is an advanced mobile game for iOS and Android devices which uses QR codes, Houndify, and Augmented Reality to create a high quality virtual experience.

The objective of this game is to drain all your opponents health points before they empty yours.

How I built it

Meteor backend, iOS and Android native. Houndify for voice recognition. 3D laser etched custom QR code chest plates.

Challenges We ran into

Turns out VR is hard, but AR using Google Cardboard is even harder. We attempted to use unity to create a cross platform app, but ended up creating out own stereoscopic view for iPhone.

What's next for ShootAt.Me

Taking home our first hackathon win would be pretty cool. All the code will be open sourced.

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