As you know nowadays the world is getting competitive, students have to work even harder to master skillsets and get a decent job in the future.

There has been a case that a primary 5 student attempted to commit suicide due to his exam results was not ideal for the first time. This has shown how much stress can lead to.

In the midst of a pandemic, mental health is also as equally important as physical health but yet it's always being neglected. Students are feeling demoralized from studying at home as they are not motivated and disciplined enough to study at home. They can't meet their peers at school, can't enjoy good food at the school canteen.

This may not be the best/effective application to help students with stress and mood management, but we still do our part to contribute to making a better world.

What it does

ShooStress is an iOS application which aims to help students to manage their stress and mood.

It allows them to log their mood to their mood journals, visualisation of their mood trends and Facebook Camera Games for them to take a break from studies.

There is a Mood Manager feature for students to note down their happenings to the mood journals. They can also visualize their mood trends based on their mood journal entries to know more about the insights of their mood. Text Analytics is used to understand what they are revolving with based on their journals. An Interactive unique Facebook Camera AR games are also included for students to have some fun to relax.

By using the insights and visualization of their mood and thoughts, they can better identify what they can do to feel better and motivate themselves in the midst of a pandemic.

How I built it

  1. Swift 3/4 as the programming language

  2. CocoaPods library to make development easier and faster.

  3. Firebase is used as the database for this project.

  4. Facebook Login is used for this project.

  5. Xcode as IDE (Text Editor)

  6. Selected Facebook Camera Games is integrated with my application.

Challenges I ran into

Using CocoaPods library frameworks is tough as I had to modify and develop the chosen library frameworks to my specific needs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

During the outstanding presentation for this project in my school, there's another candidate said that she would actually download to use the app as it is something that will really benefit her.

Lecturers also said that my application's UI and UX is the cleanest and neatest among the outstanding presentation candidates.

Most importantly, during my depressed period, I actually used this app to manage my mood and stress to know the insights of my thoughts. Then I convey these insights to my school counsellor and she actually gave useful advice to me such as "when there's negative, there's positive. If you think of negative stuff, think of the positive stuff to neutralize it." This advice is one of the best advice she gave to me and till now I still use it.

What I learned

I have learnt that with great power, it comes with great responsibility. Since I am powered with tech and programming knowledge, I will want to impact the world positively and contribute to the world/society using my power.

What's next for ShooStress

There are plans to make the app mobile responsive and make it android available.

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